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About KiRiVOO Name & Pattern

The name KiRiVOO is derived from the Estonian word kirivöö, which refers to the national costume band (belt). 

There are more than 200 different antique bands in Estonia and each one of them has a very special/unique pattern. KiRiVOO´s pattern designer Tarmo gathered many images of those belts and cut out small fragments that could fit in / blend with the modern world and chic fashion. 

There are other remarkable things to know about KiRiVOO´s pattern. It´s inspired by:

  • the double collar of our Liisa shirt from our 1st KiRiVOO for Business collection;
  • the white-taled eagle or sea-eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), who is the largest and protected bird in Estonia, where the brand was born. 

KiRiVOO pattern embodies a modern, ethnic and earthly style as our apparel do. When belts help to keep clothing comfortably in style, the same can be said about the creation of KiRiVOO, which is comfortable and attractive.